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Insulated Vertical Panels for Commercial and Residential Structures

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The Rustique Rubi is thoroughly tested

The Rustique Rubi:

  • Provides a certified insulation value of R-7.35 per ASTM C1363-11
  • Installation over OSB is tested for wind zones up to 158 mph and over Steel Siding in wind zones up to 140 mph per ASTM D5206-13 and D7445-09 as specified in 2012-2015 IBC
  • Produced with 2” 1.5 pound ThermalStar® X-Grade®
  • EPS foam by ATLASEPS.
  • Patented snap lock feature insures no open seams or gaps between panels*
  • Meets ASTM D7445 for impact strength requirement
  • Manufactured nail hem with prepunched holes
  • Patented corner assembly aids in installation and provides a finished appearance*
  • Patented J and T channels for waterproofing door, window and seam openings*
  • Termite and weed eater resistance warranty
  • 16” wide patented panels shipped on a 48” wide sheet – 12′, 16′ and custom lengths
  • Available in White, Grey, Almond and Clay

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The Rustique Rubi is thoroughly tested

Rustique Enterprises was started by Don and Rene Stanfill almost 50 years ago, and the business is still being run by the Stanfill family today. Rustique designs, manufactures, and installs custom Sunrooms, Rapid Wall Foundation Systems, Rubi Panels and now RIBB panels in the St. Louis and St. Charles metropolitan areas.

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Address: 1300 Rustique Square, O'Fallon, MO 63368